3D sensor market to grow rapidly over next decade



The global 3D sensor market is set to experience very profitable growth in the next ten years, according to a report from Future Market Insights.

Factors driving the growth of the market are advancement in sensor technology, increasing demand for 3D sensor-equipped consumer electronics devices, growing consumer acceptance of wearable electronic devices (such as the Apple Watch or Fitbit), increased demand for 3D sensing games and rising need for advanced security and surveillance cameras.

A few factors are limiting the growth of 3D sensors, including lack of product differentiation, heavy maintenance cost and limited manufacturing excellence. These obstacles are expected to be countered by developing retail and media applications and integration of nanotechnology with 3D sensors.

Currently North America is responsible for a majority of the 3D sensor market; however, Asia is expected to become the leading region over the course of the forecast period. Image sensors were the most popular product type and are expected to maintain the market lead throughout the forecast period, although position, pressure, and temperature sensors also grabbed significant market share.

The entertainment industry was the most popular consumer of 3D sensors, with consumer electronics, medical applications, automotive uses, industrial services and the aerospace and defense sector all contributing as well. However, the electronics industry is expected to grow during the forecast period with increased demand for 3D sensor-equipped smart phones, wearable electronics and cameras, as well as an increasing acceptance of gesture applications.

[ image courtesy of Microsoft ]

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