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Hansen Medical to receive
up to $93M in equity financing

Hansen Medical, a medical robotics company focused on catheter-related technologies, reported today that it has entered into a securities purchase agreement for up to $93 million subject to closing conditions. The agreement is with Oracle Investment Management, medical device executive Jack W. Schuler, members of the company’s board of directors and other existing and new

Smart homes showcase health, sustainability, entertainment

Recently, researchers at Sweden’s Örebro University released a video showcasing GiraffPlus, a “smart home” system designed to allow the elderly to live independently longer. The system consists of a network of home sensors that monitor residents’ health paired with a mobile telepresence robot, called Giraff, that allows caregivers to check in. The system has been

Mazor Robotics doubles Q1 revenue, focuses on U.S.

The biggest name in robot-assisted surgery is Intuitive Surgical, whose da Vinci Surgical System has been installed in more than 2,000 hospitals since its introduction in 1999. However, with sales of medical robots topping a billion dollars annually (Intuitive itself reported revenue of $611 million in its most recent quarter) and expected to grow, they are

Welcome to The Business of Robotics

Hello and welcome to The Business of Robotics! If you have even a passing interest in robotics, you know the field is exploding, having reached a technological tipping point that is bringing self-driving cars and robot co-workers out of the realm of science fiction and into reality. Just last week, a new $100 million dollar