Report says Schaft co-founder opened Japanese start-up fund

According to a report from Bloomberg yesterday, Takashi Kato, co-founder of recent Google acquisition and DARPA Robotics Challenge winner Schaft Inc., has opened a fund to invest in new technology from Japanese start-ups and universities.

Kato told Bloomberg that his fund, 246 Capital, plans to raise about 2 billion yen ($19 million) in the next six months and focus on investments in biotechnology and energy efficiency. He said his own struggle to gather money for Schaft was the inspiration for the fund.

Although he doesn’t mention robotics specifically, it will be interesting to see if the fund uncovers any under-the-radar Japanese robotics firms, since Kato is obviously tuned in to that world. Currently, Russian investor Dmitry Grishin runs the most prominent fund dedicated specifically to consumer robotics.

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[ photo courtesy of DARPA ]