Baxter Research Robot signs Japanese distribution partner

Rethink Robotics reported today that it has signed an exclusive partnership with Nihon Binary to distribute the Baxter Research Robot in Japan.

The Baxter Research Robot, which launched in April, is a version of Rethink’s innovative Baxter platform designed specifically for corporate and academic robotics research. Previously it was only available in the U.S. and Europe.

“Researchers across the globe are continuing to turn to robotics as a critical source for innovation and a means to solve real-world challenges faced by people and organizations in a variety of industries. Having researchers in the U.S., Europe and now Japan use the Baxter Research Robot to carry out industry-critical research means that the platform’s success increases, while helping researchers internationally develop an exciting new generation of products and applications with our technology,” Rethink CEO Scott Eckert said in a statement. “Rethink Robotics will continue its efforts to encourage such cooperation through its partnership with Nihon Binary, a company that has introduced new technologies and products in both the academic and corporate research markets in Japan for nearly 35 years.”

Leading universities currently using the Baxter Research Robot include Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, MIT, Tufts and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

[ photo courtesy of Rethink Robotics ]