More robots mixing IV drugs: Health Robotics hits milestone

Health Robotics, whose machines automate the process of preparing IV drugs for hospitals and pharmacies, reported today that it has surpassed 500 worldwide installations under contract.

The company set a record in its third quarter with 38 new sales, adding to significantly higher year-to-date sales overall. With 174 contracts thus far, compared to 79 new sales at this time a year ago, board member Gaspar DeViedma said they are well ahead of all prior year results.

As with other health care-related robots, most of that growth is coming from North America, which accounted for 95 percent of new contract revenue. The company reported contract awards from the U.S. Department of Defense — via Nellis Air Force Base — and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs — via Michael DeBakey Medical Center — in addition to places like Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Iowa Health System and University of Rochester Medical Center.

The Italian company was founded in 2006. Its second-generation product, i.v.STATION, is used for compounding non-hazardous IV admixtures, which require precise measurements and must be handled in a completely sterile environment. For cancer-related drugs, the company offers a slightly larger unit, the i.v.STATION ONCO.

The robots are intended to decrease human error and sterility risks, work more efficiently and reduce waste. Competitive products include Intelligent Hospital Systems’ RIVA and Baxter’s IntelliFill i.v.

[ photo courtesy of Health Robotics ]