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Clearpath Robotics provides base for minesweeper robot

Canadian robot maker Clearpath Robotics recently provided The University of Coimbra’s Institute of Systems and Robotics with a mobile robotic base as part of a grant program, and the Portuguese researchers put it to good use, converting the platform into a minesweeping robot. “Minesweeping is an extremely dangerous and time-intensive process,” Lino Marques, academic liaison

Willow Garage transfers PR2 support to Clearpath Robotics

Willow Garage, the company that developed both the open-source robot operating system ROS and the PR2 robot, reported today that support and services responsibilities for PR2 have been transferred to Clearpath Robotics, effective immediately. Willow Garage created eight companies from 2011-2013, but Willow itself basically shut down this summer when most of its employees moved

Clearpath Robotics blazes trail with new robotic utility vehicle

A robotic utility vehicle wasn’t a thing until — well, until Clearpath Robotics decided to make it a thing by creating the Grizzly, its most recent robot and its largest yet. Like the previous products in Clearpath’s lineup, the Grizzly is an unmanned vehicle platform for research and development. However, designing an all-terrain vehicle that