Intel introduces new computer the size, shape of an SD card

Raspberry Pi has proven the value of a credit-card sized computer to both the robotics and maker communities, and now Intel is going even smaller with its latest offering, an SD card-sized computer with built-in wireless capabilities.

At CES this week, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled the Edison, a new Quark-based computer housed in an SD card form factor with built-in wireless capabilities and support for multiple operating systems.

A big part of the drive to create a board this small is to advance wearable tech. To hammer that point home, Rest Devices demonstrated a baby onesie that uses the technology to measure an infant’s respiration, skin temperature, body position and activity level.

“Wearables are not everywhere today because they aren’t yet solving real problems and they aren’t yet integrated with our lifestyles,” Krzanich said. “We’re focused on addressing this engineering innovation challenge.”

Smart clothes and accessories aren’t the only use for Edison, however, which is why Intel is positioning it as a tool for makers as well. The company notes that it will include support for Linux and open source community software, making it compatible with developer tools used by the maker community.

Edison will be available this summer.

[ photo courtesy of Intel ]