Welcome to The Business of Robotics

Hello and welcome to The Business of Robotics!

If you have even a passing interest in robotics, you know the field is exploding, having reached a technological tipping point that is bringing self-driving cars and robot co-workers out of the realm of science fiction and into reality.

Just last week, a new $100 million dollar VC fund called Genesis Angels launched with an eye toward helping start-ups in areas like robotics and artificial intelligence. It joins initiatives like Dmitry Grishin’s recently formed Grishin Robotics, which is likewise dedicated to supporting the growth of the industry.

It’s an industry that’s been around at least a half century yet in some ways is just now coming into its own. It’s my hope that this site can in a small way aid that process by providing a thoughtful look at today’s robotics business. As its title suggests, the blog’s primary concern isn’t cool new consumer gadgets or comic-book depictions of a bleak robot future. Instead, typical posts will include short original articles on robotics companies, robotics-focused takes on recent news events and interviews with robotics leaders.

I encourage comments, suggestions and article ideas. There are a number of different ways to reach me.

Once again — welcome, enjoy the site and I hope to hear from you soon!


[ photo courtesy of Rethink Robotics ]