About This Site

Robotics is ushering in massive changes at home and in the office; on the battlefield and in the hospital; in the air and on the highway; in schools, restaurants and warehouses. As adoption of robotics explodes, it forces legal and policy debates as well as cultural changes. Wholly new industries are created. Startups and established businesses race to produce the next innovation. In short, there’s a lot going on.

The Business of Robotics features news, commentary and analysis related to the global robotics industry. It includes original articles, links to interesting robotics stories and occasional guest commentaries. Ideally, the context it provides will help individuals and businesses navigate the business of robotics.

A major goal of this site is to facilitate a dialogue in the robotics industry as it barrels forward. For that reason, we encourage comments, suggestions, complaints and anything else you’d like to send. We want to be as interactive as possible, so don’t hesitate to post on an article or contact us directly.