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As robots enter our lives, how will they learn our ethics?

At a point when most people have yet to experience self-driving cars, and may be hesitant to cede driving duties to a robot, Jacob Ward

Ekso’s wearable robots help people walk again

Imagine a device that lets paralyzed people walk. Ekso Bionics is working to fulfill that dream. In fact, many of their stakeholders already are

IBM’s Watson gives this robot brains

Meet Kito, possibly the world’s smartest robot. Whether he is or isn’t, though, it’s not a status Kito achieved on his own. (If his is

New system aims to make robot mind control simple

It sounds funny to say it, but mind control is nothing new in the world of robotics. Researchers have been working on brain-controlled prosthetics

Robotics Challenge represents learning experience for teams

The teams competing in the DARPA Robotics Challenge come from some of the most prestigious universities and technologically innovative organizations in the world —

Clearpath Robotics blazes trail with new robotic utility vehicle

A robotic utility vehicle wasn’t a thing until — well, until Clearpath Robotics decided to make it a thing by creating the Grizzly, its

Novel robotic solution makes solar power more efficient

When you picture a solar power plant, the most prominent feature in your mind’s eye is probably a massive array of solar panels glinting

Drone journalism programs temporarily grounded by FAA

The fledgling “drone journalism” programs at the University of Missouri and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently received letters from the Federal Aviation Administration advising

DC robotics briefing a success, more education still needed

Last week, the Congressional Robotics Caucus Advisory Committee hosted a briefing in Washington to discuss ways to harness robotic technology for job creation. The

Post-recession, manufacturers utilize robotics to stay lean

In order to survive the Great Recession, manufacturers had to get lean. Real lean. And it was painful. But here’s the good news: when