Automation firm PaR Systems buys motion control company

PaR Systems, a Minnesota company with expertise in material handling, aerospace manufacturing, automation and robotics, reported yesterday that it has acquired the major assets of Atlanta-based CAMotion and CAMotion Cranes.

CAMotion and CAMotion Cranes are known for material handling using Cartesian robotic technology for pick-and-place systems, palletizing and depalletizing machines, and advanced crane motion controls. The companies also have a close relationship with Georgia Tech, a partnership that has resulted in the commercialization of technology for complex manufacturing and warehouse operations.

“CAMotion pioneered the use of advanced sensing, wireless safety, and motion synthesis, which complements a number of our client solution offerings and enhances the level of technology PaR offers. CAMotion brings disruptive technologies by delivering motion solutions that were previously either economically or technologically impossible,” Mark Wrightsman, CEO of PaR Systems, said in a statement. “Like PaR, CAMotion’s customer base views them as a trusted partner for demanding and complex solutions and they continually adopt new technologies to add to their solutions arsenal. We are excited about the market opportunities CAMotion brings to the mix, and are pleased to welcome this quality organization to the PaR family.”

[ photo courtesy of CAMotion ]