Medical technology companies seek ideas to reduce infections


Hospital-acquired infections are both dangerous for patients and a burden for health care systems, but a new generation of robots offer hope for at least a partial solution. Recent studies have shown that products from companies including Xenex Disinfection Services can effectively reduce the spread of infection using ultraviolet light.

Two medical technology companies are hoping to uncover further innovations in this area by sponsoring a worldwide search for medical inventions that specifically address patient infections within health care environments.

Indiana-based Hill-Rom and Edison Nation Medical, which was formed last year to stimulate innovations in health care, are seeking ideas from health care providers and the public for new products or improvements to existing ones. Ideas may be submitted through Edison Nation Medical’s confidential portal now through Nov. 18.

The best ideas will be designed, developed and licensed by Edison Nation Medical, which will split royalties with the inventor. Hill-Rom will work to commercialize the technology and potentially use other submitted ideas to supplement internal product development efforts.

The companies note that despite strict procedural recommendations for health care facilities, which include hand-washing protocols and thorough cleaning of medical devices, it is estimated that one in every 20 hospitalized patients contracts an infection. They cite a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistic from a 2010 New York Times article that says roughly 1.7 million patients contract health care-associated infections annually resulting in 99,000 deaths. They also reference a 2009 CDC study that says the annual direct cost to U.S. hospitals to treat hospital-acquired infections ranges from $28 billion to $45 billion.

While ideas don’t necessarily have to be robotics-based, any and all roboticists are encouraged to submit solutions.

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  1. Luis Rodriguez

    My name is Luis Rodriguez.
    I was defrauded by Everyday Edisons TV show produced by Edison Nation and aired on PBS. They selected three (TrickStick™) products in an advance state of development to be brought to market and featured in the show. None of the products was commercialized or featured on the show. On top of that, their negligence to take care of my intellectual property made my inventions unpatentable. Forever. This is actually unbelievably disgusting
    Imagine being declared an American Idol, and then being told after the fact that something happened, and you don’t get your recording deal. Just Imagine that.
    Then, almost at the same time, they also abandoned my “Warmware™” idea after over one year of being selected.
    After I complained, I was asked by Louis Foreman, Edison Nation’s CEO to go to Charlotte, NC, where I was given a royal treatment of lip service, assuring me that nothing like that would ever happen again and then…
    they also defrauded me two more times with “Pressini Grill™” selected two times to be brought to market.
    So, yes, I can categorically state under penalty of perjury that this company is fraud. They used my name repeatedly as a “Success Story” also defrauding the public, and other false advertisements on their magazine “Inventors Digest”, which BTW is distributed by the U Postal service, which renders it MAIL fraud, a federal offense punishable by Fines and prison. Lies and perjury (Lies under oath) are a common place at Edison Nation.
    My name is Luis Rodriguez
    More details at

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