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Maker documentary hits goal, still growing on Kickstarter

A new documentary on the Maker Movement, appropriately titled “Maker,” is on track for completion thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. With seven days remaining, the project has nearly doubled its original $15,000 goal. Additional pledges will be accepted until Nov. 4. This is the second documentary for the team behind “Maker.” Their first effort,

Open-source robots get boost from Kickstarter

ArcBotics, an educational robotics company based in Cambridge, Mass., recently earned the latest Kickstarter victory for open-source robotics. After being featured as one of Kickstarter’s Top 3 projects in a weekly email earlier this month, the company successfully funded Sparki, anĀ Arduino-basedĀ robot designed as an introduction to programming and electronics for kids ages 11 and up.