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Freescale, Oracle partner to shape the “Internet of Things”

We are in recent years seeing more and more facets of our daily lives adapt to incorporate not only some broad, loose conception of ever-evolving technology, but a level of automation and connectedness that is markedly changing the relationship we have with the world around us — not least because it’s changing the relationship that things

Three states to work together on FAA UAS integration efforts

Three Mid-Atlantic states — Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia — recently signed an agreement to work collaboratively to support the Federal Aviation Administration’s integration of unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace. The FAA is currently in the process of selecting six UAS test sites, which will be used to conduct research into how to

Robotics enables dynamic new views of live sporting events

One of the many advantages of robots is that they can go places humans physically cannot. We often think of that in terms of search-and-rescue situations or hazardous locales like nuclear power plants (where snake-like robots have shown potential), but it has less serious applications as well — like getting the perfect view of an

Yujin Robot finds success through partnerships

South Korea-based Yujin Robot popped onto the radars of many robot enthusiasts recently thanks to its contribution to the TurtleBot 2: a new mobile base called Kobuki that replaces the iRobot Create used in the original TurtleBot. For those who aren’t familiar with the TurtleBot, it looks like a dorm-room TV stand on wheels, but

Texas research institute launches new mission

The history of The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute goes back 25 years, but its current name and mission only date back to last summer. That’s when the organization, formerly known as the Automation and Robotics Research Institute, rebranded as “UTARI” and refocused its efforts on bridging the gap between academic research and