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Rethink Robotics rolls out research robot Down Under

Rethink Robotics reported today that its Baxter Research Robot is now available to academic and corporate researchers in Australia and New Zealand thanks to a new distribution partnership. Rethink has entered into an exclusive partnership to distribute the robot with Training Systems Australia, which supplies technology-related products and training systems to universities and technical colleges in

Baxter Research Robot signs Japanese distribution partner

Rethink Robotics reported today that it has signed an exclusive partnership with Nihon Binary to distribute the Baxter Research Robot in Japan. The Baxter Research Robot, which launched in April, is a version of Rethink’s innovative Baxter platform designed specifically for┬ácorporate and academic robotics research. Previously it was only available in the U.S. and Europe.

Rethink Robotics takes Baxter to next level with version 2.0

On the heels of Apple’s report that 200 million people have already adopted iOS 7, the robotics world got its own update news with the announcement that the category-defining Baxter robot from Rethink Robotics is moving to version 2.0. Rethink called the software update “game-changing” for its interactive manufacturing robot, which introduced the idea of