Autonomous Data Machines to gather fuel for Big Data

At today’s nestCON 1.2 Internet of Things conference, a company called Knightscope announced it is developing a new technology it calls “Autonomous Data Machines.”

The machines are designed to collect massive amounts of real world data to provide organizations with real time information, behavioral analysis and user-defined alerts at any site they choose. The company says the influx of data will enable improvements in business intelligence and analytics, ultimately helping companies make better decisions.

Each unit can be equipped with sensor payload options including omnidirectional cameras, microphones, optical character recognition, thermal imaging, air quality sensors, ultrasonic detectors, lasers and infrared. There are currently two models: The Knightscope K5 is shown above; the K10, which is designed for open areas, looks like a car from the film Minority Report.

Knightscope says the machines will be deployed wherever interactive data gathering is needed, but it specifically cites several uses for the product including contractors monitoring progress at construction zones; brokers seeking detailed traffic analysis; military bases needing perimeter surveillance; tech companies needing to improve mapping data refresh rates; communities improving neighborhood watch; manufacturing plants improving physical inventory control; farms and ranches requiring monitoring; and power plants requiring inspection.

The company has started securing beta customers for the machines through a subscription model and testing will begin at the end of 2013.

“A large-scale deployment of autonomous technology, sensors and robotics will digitally connect vast portions of the offline world to the online world, enhancing the true potential of Big Data and Business Intelligence,” the company said in a release. “Billions are spent by organizations for the best intelligence each year, but only data that has actually been collected can be analyzed.”

[ photo courtesy of Knightscope ]

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