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As Robotics Challenge nears, CMU shares final robot design

The next round of the DARPA Robotics Challenge is just a week away, and we’ve started to see a lot more of the robots that will be competing. NASA finally gave a glimpse of its entry earlier this week, and Carnegie Mellon University just released a variety a photos and videos of its robot, known

Program analyzes Web images in a quest for common sense

Common sense, which gets its name because it comes so naturally to humans, is not so common among robots. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, however, are trying to change that with a computer program called the Never Ending Image Learner, or NEIL. NEIL is currently running 24 hours a day, searching the Web for images

What we know about the other DARPA challenge robots

Last week, DARPA and Boston Dynamics unveiled Atlas, the humanoid robot that seven lucky teams won the right to program for the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials in December. They will be competing against a group of teams that created their own search-and-rescue robots, which remain shrouded in considerably more mystery. As we near the competition,