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White House Google+ Hangout features “maker” theme today

The latest installment of the White House “We the Geeks” series of Google+ Hangouts, scheduled for later today, will feature a maker movement theme.

Maker documentary hits goal, still growing on Kickstarter

A new documentary on the Maker Movement, appropriately titled “Maker,” is on track for completion thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. With seven days

Google+ Maker Camp teaches teens to build robots and more

Maker Camp, a free virtual summer camp for teens, is dedicating today’s lesson to building robots. The session will be hosted by robot creator

Maker movement currently alive and well in Asia

The South China Morning Post published an interesting article today on the burgeoning maker movement in Hong Kong. In it, author Charley Lanyon writes about

Open-source robots get boost from Kickstarter

ArcBotics, an educational robotics company based in Cambridge, Mass., recently earned the latest Kickstarter victory for open-source robotics. After being featured as one of