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Robotics company now offers telepresence from your iPhone

Double Robotics, which makes a $2,500 “wheels for your iPad” telepresence solution called the Double, recently reported via its blog that it has added a new control option for the device: The iPhone. Previously, users were able to drive the Double using an iPad or the Chrome Web browser, remotely steering the device, adjusting its

Most Willow Garage employees move to Suitable Technologies

Willow Garage, the robotics research lab responsible for both the open-source robot operating system ROS and the PR2 robot, announced yesterday via its blog and a press release that a majority of its employees are moving over to remote presence company Suitable Technologies. Both companies were founded by Scott Hassan, an early Google developer and

iRobot debuts latest entry in telepresence market

Today at InfoComm in Orlando, iRobot announced its latest entry into the nascent telepresence market, a collaboration with Cisco Systems targeted at business users. The robot, called the Ava 500, essentially mounts Cisco telepresence technology on a mobile base from iRobot. The base is an enhanced version of iRobot’s Ava robotics platform, and the display

Double Robotics now shipping telepresence robot

Several news organizations, including TechCrunch and VentureBeat, reported today that Double Robotics is now shipping its unique “wheels for your iPad” telepresence robot. Double, as the system is called, has managed to stand out in the somewhat crowded telepresence field because of its attractive design and relatively inexpensive price tag ($1,999 if you order today)