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Navy successfully launches UAV from submerged sub

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory reported today that it launched an all-electric, fuel cell-powered unmanned aerial system from a submerged submarine. The “eXperimental Fuel Cell Unmanned Aerial System,” or XFC UAS, was fired from the torpedo tube of the USS Providence using a “Sea Robin” launch vehicle system. The Sea Robin launch system was designed to fit

Unmanned underwater vehicle makes Boston to New York trip

Bluefin Robotics and the Naval Research Laboratory recently sent a long-endurance unmanned underwater vehicle from Boston to New York, a trip that took more than 100 hours, the groups said today. The mission was completed by the Naval Research Lab’s Reliant “Heavyweight” UUV, an advanced version of the Bluefin-21 that, when loaded with a low-frequency broadband

Amid talk of air safety, Navy achieves unmanned milestone

As debate about the proper role of humans in the cockpit swirls in the wake of Saturday’s Asiana Airlines plane crash, the Navy achieved an important milestone by completing its first-ever carrier-based arrested landing. The feat was accomplished on board the USS George H.W. Bush off the coast of Virginia earlier today. According to the

Lockheed Martin shows off integrated UAV control system

The U.S. military has increasingly turned to unmanned systems in recent years, which is naturally reflected by a larger and larger portion of total military spending going toward acquiring the systems. However, following the U.S. fiscal crisis, the Department of Defense has made it a priority to rein in these costs where it can. One