Shutdown will delay NHTSA’s vehicle-to-vehicle research

Connected Vehicles

Among the “most surprising consequences of a government shutdown” noted by ABC News yesterday was one that potentially affects the unmanned systems industry — namely, the suspension of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-to-vehicle communications safety research.

The project looks at ways connected vehicles — including cars, trucks, buses and trains — can communicate wirelessly to reduce accidents, ease traffic congestion and improve the environment.

The initiative, along with safety-related research into crash-avoidance technologies, occupant protection and alcohol detection, is among the programs the Department of Transportation says will be put on hold during the shutdown. You can read a full summary of the DOT’s plans here.

This is in addition, of course, to 97 percent of NASA being shut down, which some people worry could cause a planned November mission to Mars to miss its launch window and be delayed until 2016.

Despite some published reports, however, the Curiosity Rover will continue to operate.

[ photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Transportation ]

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  1. Gary Kreie

    So according to a recent study,

    if 90% of us have self-driving cars in the future, it could save over $450 billion per year, and 20,000 lives. By delaying the work to mandate this technology by one month due to government shutdown, you could say the shutdown cost us another $450/12 = $37.5 billion, and 20K/12 = 1,667 lives. That’s kind of like causing another 9/11, divided by 2.

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