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Electric, self-driving shuttle announces U.S. launch at CES

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday, French company Induct Technology announced the U.S. launch of its electric, self-driving shuttle Navia. Navia has already been deployed via partnerships in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Singapore. The shuttle, which was originally announced in Europe in 2011, guides itself using laser-mapping technology and sensors that detect

Shutdown will delay NHTSA’s vehicle-to-vehicle research

Among the “most surprising consequences of a government shutdown” noted by ABC News yesterday was one that potentially affects the unmanned systems industry — namely, the suspension of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-to-vehicle communications safety research. The project looks at ways connected vehicles — including cars, trucks, buses and trains — can communicate wirelessly to reduce

Tesla Motors enters the race for a (nearly) autonomous car

The past few years have seen an explosion of interest in the idea of the autonomous car, with traditional automotive manufacturers, university-based research teams and more broadly tech-oriented firms all announcing projects aimed at progressively shifting the responsibility of actually operating a vehicle from the human driver to a variety of “smart” systems embedded into

Nissan says Autonomous Drive commercially viable by 2020

Yesterday we reported that ABI Research predicts driverless vehicles will start to appear in North America by the beginning of the next decade. That position is supported by a recent announcement from Nissan Motor Company, which says it will be ready with multiple, commercially-viable “Autonomous Drive” vehicles by 2020. That’s the same year being targeted by Audi,

Study: North America to ship 10M robotic vehicles in 2032

Fully driverless vehicles may be as little as 10 years away — at least according to a new study by ABI Research. According to the study, driverless vehicles will start to appear in North America at the beginning of the next decade, culminating in more than 10 million robotic vehicles shipping in 2032. In other

AUVSI president discusses the future of unmanned systems

When Congress passed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, it set the clock ticking toward the day when unmanned aircraft systems must be integrated into the national airspace. The target is Sept. 30, 2015, now just a little more than two years away. That fast-approaching deadline has created a new intensity in discussions

Survey: Safety top consumer priority for driverless cars

It will be years before driverless cars are available to the public thanks to technological and regulatory hurdles, but a new survey suggests that a delay is required for another reason as well: to get people comfortable with the idea of handing the wheel over to a computer. TE Connectivity Ltd. today shared the results

Volvo self-parking concept car acts as your own personal valet

In the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recent policy statement on automated vehicles, the group defined five different levels of automation — from “no automation” to “full self-driving automation.” Many of the autonomous advancements car manufacturers will introduce during the next several years will fall between those two extremes, yet they will still represent revolutionary

NHTSA statement sheds light on automated vehicle policy

Yesterday, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a preliminary statement of policy concerning automated vehicles. The statement says NHTSA is encouraged by the technologies being developed and wants to work with stakeholders to “chart a steady course forward.” Proponents of automated vehicle technology should be encouraged as well, given the overall tone of