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Unmanned underwater vehicle makes Boston to New York trip

Bluefin Robotics and the Naval Research Laboratory recently sent a long-endurance unmanned underwater vehicle from Boston to New York, a trip that took more than

Edinburgh-based software firm acquired by Bluefin Robotics

Massachusetts-based Bluefin Robotics, the company behind a variety of autonomous underwater vehicles for commercial-, scientific- and defense-based applications, reported today that it has acquired

Navy’s Knifefish minehunter completes risk reduction test

The U.S. Navy’s Knifefish, an unmanned undersea vehicle designed to modernize the Navy’s mine-hunting capability, is one step closer to reality after completing a

MIT, Bluefin demonstrate plug-and-play AUV software

A team from MIT recently demonstrated its ability to swap autonomy software into autonomous underwater vehicles on the fly, a skill the group says